A peaceful morning...

You just woke up, it's a sunny morning and the warmth of the sun wakes you up slowly while you drink your morning coffee. You open your bay window to breathe fresh air while looking at the landscape in front of you. You feel a fresh wind on your face and you take out your phone to check Binance.

You open the app and while it's loading, you're guessing the price of Ethereum as you do every day. It's also a good day for your wallet because at night, Ethereum got a pump of 15%.

You're happy but you close Binance because you don't have a lot of crypto on this platform, you're a Defi explorer and you're always looking for new protocols so you keep everything on your metamask.

Of course, everything is secured, you have a ledger and a cold wallet to keep everything well hidden from potential thieves that could steal your crypto, but as an explorer, you like being mobile and making fast swaps, so you keep everything on metamask.

Later that day, you're at your desk looking for new protocols, and after a long work day, you stretch yourself and fall from your chair. It could have been another mundane fall, but this time you landed on your head, leaving yourself on the floor, unconscious.

Your neighbor heard this loud sound and immediately called an ambulance to rescue you. Long story short, a few hours later, you wake up at a hospital and everything is going fine.

That was the happy end. But imagine if you didn't wake up?

What would happen to your crypto? Everything would be well hidden, and nobody could have access to it, not even people close to you.

That's why we created Guard, a decentralized protocol built to create your web3 legacy without locking your cryptocurrencies.

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