Choose your guardians

Then, you'll need to choose your guardians.

These wallet guardians are the ones that will protect your wallet if there is any loss or death. They have the responsibility to launch the process or confirm it. You need to choose them wisely and trust them to make sure they're not badly intended.

You can have 1 wallet guardian at minimum, but be aware that it is risky because he can launch the process alone. That's why we recommend having at least 3 wallet guardians, this way, they'll need a consensus to launch the process.

When you're sure about your wallet guardians, you can input their mail addresses.

You also need to choose how many days you want to cancel the process if it is false and you're still alive: after the guardians launched the process, we're sending you daily emails to revoke it.

If we don't get revoked during those 90 days, we suppose that you're deceased and the legacy makes itself. You can also choose the consensus needed (how many guardians are needed to trigger the process) in custom values.

Remember you can change your wallet guardians at any given time.

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