Legacy Process example

  1. You have a certain amount in your crypto wallet and you want to make sure you don't lose everything at your death and that people close to you will get a part of it even if they don't have a wallet yet.

  2. You go to our website and enter the app. From there, you input the mail or wallet of your wallet guardians. You also decide the consensus and the number of days margin to revoke the process.

  3. You input your inheritors and the percentage of your wallet you want to give them. If someone referred you, you can input his address.

  4. If a guardian declares a death, we will need a consensus of the other wallet guardians according to the security level you've put to trigger the process.

  5. Then there's the 90 days period to check if you're dead. We send you daily emails and if we don't get revokes from you proving that you're alive, we trigger the next step of the process.

  6. With no response from you, we take your crypto out of your account and divide it between your inheritor's wallet according to the percentage you gave them.

  7. Then, your inheritors need to connect their wallet to our website and claim their inheritance.

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