To access this part of the project, you must first set up your Guard!

You can't make referrals if you didn't set it up yourself, as we only want real users to talk about our project.

If you set up your Guard, whenever you'll make a legacy or a wallet loss process, you'll need to pay 2,5% to Guard for using the protocol.

If you really like the project, we offer you the possibility to reduce the process fees.

When you talk about the project to someone and he chooses to create his Guard, there is a referral step in the process, he'll need to input your ETH address: you'll become an official Guard referrer when he completes the process and you'll get a 0.5% reduction fee.

The minimum fee you can get is 1%. Which means you can make 3 referrals maximum.

Example: you have 100.000$ in your wallet.

If there is a loss or legacy, you'll need to pay 2 500$.

With each referral you make, you save 500$ on your wallet.

If you get to 3 referrals, you'll pay 1 000$ for the process.

This means you can save up to 1 500$ for the process.

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